There is no better way to experience all that Rome has to offer than either through virtual tours in your own home or superb once-in-a-lifetime in-person customized tours with Olga, a licensed Rome and Vatican City tourist guide with more than 30 years of experience in the field. She is constantly expanding her extensive knowledge and has a master’s degree in Arts Management from the American University of Rome. She fluently speaks and writes in three languages and has basic knowledge of a fourth.
Walking the medieval alleys of Rome, visiting its most famous iconic sites or less known museums, following off-the-beaten-paths or thematic trails of your choice, dining at the best restaurants and/or having a gelato where the locals do can all be done in the hands of an in-the-know guide. Avoid the lines and crowds as much as possible, pick the right time of the day to visit different sites and get the best tips and suggestions for your free time too.

Whether you are dreaming of learning more about Rome through a private presentation or indulging in a custom-made tour with a professional driver on call, drop a line at
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