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This brave new world of online communication has replaced my one-on-one contact with the clients. It has been like learning a completely new skill, worrying about conveying the concept with words only, not being able to look people in the eye and smile or make a serious face where necessary. I used to monitor the body language of all the members of the group and adapt the pace and the tone accordingly. I would make a funny remark when necessary to wake the grandpa up or ask if anyone would like a gelato (difficult to get a “no” as an answer to that) to make the kids happy. What now? What if I needed to cough? Or scratch my nose? Or run to the bathroom (hopefully with my microphone off)?

Luckily, everyone is adapting, and we are all learning to take the best of what is available and possible. While I do hope the regular tours and traveling will become common again soon, I also think a part of this novelty is here to stay. My idea is to adapt these presentations to people’s needs and desires and bring contents to their living rooms while we are waiting for things to change. Please check my Youtube chanel for past recordings to watch for free. I would be happy to prepare new ones based on your interests and preferences, completed with titles, maps, graphs and a recording to share with the participants after the event.

I am available for private Zoom presentations on any subject that regards Rome and Italy, be it historic, artistic or gastronomic. If interested, please contact me for details at

Recordings Available on Olga’s Youtube Channel