Olga obtained her first licence as a professional tour guide at the age of 18 in the beautiful town of Dubrovnik in Croatia. During the 80’s she also passed the exam for the town of Mostar, as well as for the spiritual guides in the Catholic shrine of Medjugorje, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After graduating in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo, she completed a one-year post-graduate course for professional translators. After many years of experience in guiding in Dubrovnik and all over the country, she started an agency for interpreting and tourism with two colleagues, closed in 1991 due to the war in ex-Yugoslavia.
In 1992 Olga moved to Rome where she worked as legal secretary and interpreter in an international law firm. In 1998/1999 she lived in Seattle, Washington where she attended Media Writing and Public Relations courses at Seattle University. Upon her return to Rome, Olga joined the IATM (International Association of Tour Managers) and started doing tours in Italy and central Europe. In 2004 she became a licensed guide of Rome and the Vatican City State after passing the exam required by Italian law. Apart from organizing private tours in Rome and the Vatican City State, Olga has been a travel partner for Tauck, the USA based tour operator specialized in luxury land tours and cruises all over the globe, since 2010. Tauck was founded close to 100 years ago and has been proclaimed #1 Tour Operator in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine several times (https://www.tauck.co.uk/).
With a desire to expand her knowledge and get more insight into different aspects of the art world, Olga completed the Arts Management Master’s Degree at the American University of Rome in 2019.

During the lockdown in 2020, she obtained her TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) certificate and ventured into offering private Zoom presentations on Rome history and art. She is available for tailor-made private tours, consulting and private Zoom events with PowerPoint presentations.