So much has been written about the year 2020, including myriad jokes and memes, so I won't even try to add something smart or new.


This brave new world of online communication has replaced my one-on-one contact with the clients during the guided tours. It has been a bit like learning a completely new skill, worrying about conveying the concept with words only, not being able to look people in the eye and smile, or make a serious face where necessary. I worried about it being only about my voice, people not looking so much into that little square with my face in the top-right corner of their screen, about not being able to judge by people’s facial expressions if they are bored or excited etc. I used to monitor the body language of all the members of the group and adapt the pace and the tone accordingly. I would make a funny remark when necessary to wake the Grandpa up or ask if anyone would like a gelato (difficult to receive a "no" to this) to make the kids happy. What now? What if I needed to cough? Or scratch my nose? Or run to the bathroom (hopefully with my microphone off)?


Luckily, everyone is adapting, and we are all learning to make the best of our situations. While I do hope the regular tours and traveling will happen again soon, I also think a part of this novelty is here to stay. My idea is to adapt these presentations to people’s needs and desires, make difficult concepts easy and bring Rome to your living room while we are waiting for things to change. Apart from what you can find online (check below), I would always be happy to prepare new presentations based on your interests and preferences. I am currently working on the Baroque palaces (Borghese, Colonna and Doria Pamphilj) and the most beautiful churches of Rome.

I am available for private Zoom presentations on any subject that regards Rome and Italy, be it historic, artistic or gastronomic. If interested, please contact me for details.

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Join this Panoramic Tour of Rome and get to grasp the size of the city itself and abundance of most diverse and inspirational sites and monuments. Wander through the medieval alleys, stand in awe in front of the famous Victor Emanuel II monument, admire the view of the Ancient Roman Forum and have a peek into St. Peter’s Basilica. 



Wednesday, January 13

Gallery Borghese is considered by many to be the most beautiful museum in Italy. An eloquent proof of the social status of papal families and their love of collecting art, this 17th century building houses one of the most amazing collections in the world.

In this talk, beautifully illustrated by her own photographs, Olga will guide us through the history of the collection and take us on a tour of rooms full of paintings, statues and painted ceilings, revealing the backstory of the most famous pieces and the delicious bits of gossip that sometimes helped keep the stories about these remarkable artworks alive for future generations.


Wednesday, February 24

The blockbuster Torlonia Marbles exhibition in Rome came to an abrupt halt shortly after its long-awaited opening in October.

It will hopefully open again at Capitoline Museums soon and in time continue its planned journey from the Louvre and the British Museum to the museums in the US.

Olga was one of the lucky few who saw the exhibition before it closed and will tell us the remarkable story of Torlonia marbles in this beautifully illustrated talk.



Learn about the three different periods during which the Chapel was frescoed, the masters who painted it, and how Michelangelo revolutionized the art of painting ceilings. She dedicates special attention to the most famous fresco of all, the creation of Adam, and tries to figure out why even women have such overly muscular bodies in Michelangelo’s works.

Image by Calvin Craig


Join this Panoramic Tour of Dubrovnik and prepare for your next trip to Croatia and this enchanting town dubbed as "The Pearl of the Adriatic" by Lord Byron.

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Image by Daniel Klaffke


PBS Music Voyager: Yellow Roads of Europe: All Roads Lead to Rome, where Olga appears for a couple of minutes after the 13th minute, explaining the Pantheon to the handsome Paolo. The video was shot for the Tour Operator Tauck in 2017.

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